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Wonderful Progress…

Made very wonderful progress.

Spent a long amount of time creating my own Password screen.

At first, I was thinking of creating a Pattern Protect Screen, but I decided against the idea, because I’m not experienced yet in drawing on a canvas, which is what I believe I need to do for the pattern method.

I’ve created the Password Protection Screen and also made all the other settings functional. I’ve created a Reset Password option and got it working pretty well. I’ve tied up some loose ends and also made a First Time User Set Settings thing to guide the New User a bit.

Learned a lot of new concepts doing this, so fun.

4 am now, but I’m happy to say that I’ve finished pretty much everything in this part. I’m now officially 1/3 done!


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Been a while…

Feels like so long since I last posted something up.

So much has happened these past few days!

First, I thought of a new idea to put into the project and I spent a few days on trying to implement it. However, I soon came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t fit well with the original designs I had. At the end it came to either keeping new idea or keeping one of the old ones. Personally, I felt the new idea was more useless. It was just to give people more books to write in, so we could have a diary for personal stuff, a diary for travels, and etc.

So… after I realized it wouldn’t work too well with what I had originally planned out, I had to get rid of all that code. Decided to scrap everything and start from scratch. Which happened to be a blessing, because it seems much better now.

I also spent a day experimenting on creating a custom preference. It was very fun to do!

Now I’m working on trying to implement a password screen.


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My decision…

After spending a few days trying to solve the problem, I was pretty disappointed to see that I was unable to get any desirable results.

After some consideration, I decided that I still lack the experience to do this project. I’ll be moving it to a side project and starting another project as a main project.

I’ve decided to build a diary app.

I’ve already planned out the design and appearance, now I’m going to work on implementing it.

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Started to work on the Service class.

Created a broadcastReciever too that receives the intent sent from after device finishes booting up. This will help me be able to start the service as soon as boot is over.

However, the service class is really causing me trouble. I discovered that it is not possible for services to detect motionEvents. That is the first problem. Even if i did make it able to detect motionEvents, there is still the second problem. Due to safety and security, we can only detect motionEvents for our own activities. Beyond that and its pretty much something like a TouchScreen Keylogger. =/

I got close to figuring out the problem when I accidentally came across the term Tapjacking. When used maliciously, its potentially dangerous. But if used without ill intentions, it can definitely give me what I need to be able to detect touch events on the very top layer of apps. However, this does feel like I’m experimenting in exploiting a flaw I’m not supposed to touch. =[

I was successful in getting it to detect touch responses on top of other activities. However, it will only detect Action_Outside events and that’s not what I need. I discovered that this was from me using the FLAG_WATCH_OUTSIDE_TOUCH flag with TYPE_SYSTEM_OVERLAY.

I was slightly able to fix the problem by changing to TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT. I’m now able to detect Action_Down, Action_Move, and Action_Up events. I was slightly excited by this, however I soon noticed that although I was able to detect the events now, I had somehow made the touch events to not be detected by the activity it was above. This would be very helpful in causing a person to no longer be able to use the touchscreen on his phone, but useless to my app if I am unable to use the apps underneath.

Must experiment some more.

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Now that I’m back to developing this app, I am pleased to note down that I made tremendous progress on the settings. I had to keep adding, removing, and moving stuff around before I got it to look the way I like it to.

For now, I’ve included some basic functionality to it. I tried to make the coding as modular as possible for me to edit later on.

I’ll work on making the app work first before I add any more advanced ideas into it.

Didn’t have much troubles with using preferences. I got to say, the idea is pretty brilliant. I did have one trouble that caused me to waste a lot of time narrowing down. The app would always Force Close with a NullPointerException until I found out that the problem was coming from me using ListPreferences in a array. I could create the ListPreference arrays very easily. Nothing wrong with it, but whenever I try to use them, that’s when the troubles start. I’m not sure why this happens, but I’ll investigate at a later time for that.

I believe I’m mostly done with the basic properties of the settings page. Tomorrow, I will get to work on the Service part of the app. This is a very fun project to do. Completely different from my first one. So far, I haven’t seen myself use anything I learned from my first project. Instead I’m using completely new topics. This is really fascinating. Very fun to work with.

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Well, I finally picked the project I wanted to work on. Its currently named CornerStones because its the foundation of another app I have in mind.

CornerStones is an advanced project. Very Advanced. I actually didn’t plan on doing it for at least a few more months, but I decided, “Hey! I might as well work on it rather than chicken out and do easy stuff!”

Spent yesterday designing how I want the app to look and writing more notes on its functionality and that kind of stuff.

For today, I worked on the settings screens. I thought I had it mostly done, till I found out the settings doesn’t stick. I had forgotten about using Preferences.

Truthfully, I’ve had no experience with Preferences. But, I guess that’s the fun part… I get to try it out over and over till it works out.

Completely deleted everything I did earlier because none of it could be useful. I’ll start from scratch tomorrow.

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Now that the project for my dad is done, its time to pick a more fun project to work on.

Going to need to pick an idea out of my stock.

There’s so much I want to do.

I wonder if I can do one of the more advanced ideas.

So excited!

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