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Little note to self

Finally fixed up this graphical error I’ve been getting.
Turns out the error is coming from me using setImageResource instead of setBackgroundResource. One will fill out the entire background while the other one would fill out the background while keeping the image constraints.


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Database Working

Started to work back on project after a few days of rest.

Been playing with my new phone, the LG P920, that came on the 10th. Very Amazing Phone.

Anyway, about the project… I got the database working after reading some SQLITE tutorials and info. Works pretty well and I added some stuff to make out more usable for users.

However, now I got a new idea for the entry screen so I’ll be redesigning the entry screen a bit.

With current progress, I believe I’m about 75% done. Probably closer to 78% if I round things up.

Anyway, new phone is amazing! I can’t wait for the gingerbread update!

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Half Done

Pretty much half done with the project.

I had a lot of trouble with using the canvas and onDraw. Takes a while to position things properly. At the moment, I hope they scale properly. I haven’t tested that out on other devices yet.

I fixed up most errors with the stuff I’ve been doing, but there’s the occasional forceclose that I can’t seem to figure out.

It’s happening as a OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM Budget.┬áKind of very frustrating because it happens sometimes and not at other times. I’m going to leave this as a issue to fix after I finish everything.

As of now, I’m learning SQLite. Hopefully I can finish this part soon.

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