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Finally got the chance to release the new update for Void Lock.

I was supposed to release this about a week or two ago, but lack of time from school work got in the way. Also I decided that I wanted to pack more into the update than just bugfixes.

Now, for some info about this new update.

First off, bugfixes.
I fixed up a whole bunch of tiny bugs. Doubt they matter much, but they were slowing down the launching speed.
I finally fixed up the flickering that came from launching Void Lock! I discovered that it was caused by an old approach I used to get rid of the Stock Lockscreen constantly appearing bug and accidentally kept that code. After some fixing up, the flickering is gone. So happy for that.
Fixed up a couple of issues related to the Home Launcher. Mainly stuff related to restarting. Apparently it would still lock up even if Void Lock was turned off or Start on Boot was disabled.
I also put out an attempt to get rid of the navigation bar for ICS devices.

Now for some new stuff.
Added in the Setup Brightness option into the Settings. No idea why I didn’t do this before. Would have saved a few users from reinstalling to fix the brightness issue.
Added in a new gesture. Show Notifications. This pretty much displays the amount of Missed Calls, Missed Emails, Unread SMS messages. However, The missed calls and unread SMS works properly. The emails doesn’t. Apparently this was caused by a change in the GMail API. I’ll look into fixing that, but at the moment it just doesn’t show anything, but I’m still putting it there as a place holder.

Think it looks pretty cute.

Next, Another new feature. Glimpse Text. Basically this is like a notepad in some ways. You create a text panel and type stuff in. Change the size and format it to however you want. Then create a gesture to show that wall of text.

Now when locked, just draw the gesture and you’ll get a glimpse of that piece of text.

Very helpful for many situations. Right now, I’m using it to show my schedule, much faster than launching my gallery app, finding the folder that contains my schedule, then finding the image and opening it. Now, I just draw and I can see.
Other uses I thought of is just having it show information you would need to know that doesn’t change often.
One more use I thought of is CHEATING! I could prewrite the information I would need on an exam, then just do my gesture to show it. It’ll also disappear in like 2 seconds and its pretty much impossible to know that it was once shown.


Anyway, think that’s the amount of work I’ve done during these 2 weeks. School stuff looks to be getting more intense. Will work on fixing up MugShot when I have the time.


Oh right!! I decided to give a 50% discount on the Ad-Free version of Void Lock on March 1st. It’ll be a celebration for my birthday.



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Newest update had a while bunch of bugfixes and staying in some new features too.

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Just uploaded the newest update for Void Lock.

This new update focuses on fixing up ICS support.
Turns out the FC error I had before was because I set the targetsdkversion to be ICS, but the code I used to block the home button has been changed. After removing that line of code, the FC errors disappeared.

I also noticed that there was a problem with the status bar sometimes appearing. I discovered that this was because something was preventing Void Lock from becoming fullscreen after onStart is called. This is also related to the piece of code that was changed in ICS.

After a few days of planning, I decided that the best option is to just create a home launcher for Void Lock. The approach I took is just to create some kind of switch as the home launcher. When home is pressed, it will check if Void Lock is currently locked. If Void Lock is active on the screen or if it is active in the background then pressing  home will lead it straight back to Void Lock. As long as Void Lock is not currently locking the screen, pressing Home will just call any launcher that the user preselects.

After some thinking, I noticed that there was definitely a couple of advantages to this approach. Main advantage is that it will definitely prevent the home button to be pressed while Void Lock is locked. This should hold true for every device unlike the previous piece of code that  might break depending on this device or that device. But the biggest advantage that I saw was the increase of security. Now, even if someone was able to launch out an app through an app gesture that was created, it wouldn’t help them much. Previously, if an app was launched or any kind of popup popped up, pressing home will bring people straight to the home launcher. Thus enabling them to get in. With Void Lock set as the default launcher, that’s just simply not possible. Pressing home when any app is launched or any popup is shown will simply bring users back to Void Lock instead of the home launcher. Due to this, as long as users do not put in a gesture for Settings, uninstall apps, Void Lock Settings or etc, then it should be impossible for anyone to be able to turn off or uninstall Void Lock without a factory reset.

One other benefit I could think of off the top of my head is that if Void Lock is the default home launcher, then that means that the device can be locked immediately from a reboot. Previously, the default launcher is launched and then a few minutes would occur before Void Lock became active and locked the phone. This isn’t an issue with the new approach.

If there’s one bad thing about this approach, its the fact that the selected launcher is technically no longer a home launcher. Well, its still a home launcher, just now its treated as a regular app and at risk to being killed by the system. What this means is that when the homescreen is shown, it will redraw its widgets more frequently than if it was the default launcher. This isn’t much of an issue for users who has little to none widgets on their homescreens, but for the users who has a major amount, they will definitely notice the redrawing.


Since I said that the status bar problem was caused by the code that was used to block the home button, I have made modifications where if Void Lock is set as the default launcher, then it will disable that piece of code. This will also fix up the status bar issues so it should be considered by even nonICS users.


One last issue I fixed up was the problem that some users had with their device not detecting gestures or key combinations anymore. Truthfully, it looks like Void Lock stopped working, but actually its still working. The problem came from having a popup notification of some kind popping up and blocking the screen. That type of popup notification could be SMS messages and related messages, Low Battery Dialog, or any other type of popup boxes. These would pop up while Void Lock was locked and because Void Lock turns the brightness below the minimum amount, it will be too dark to see that the boxes had popped up. Because of this, most users didn’t notice anything and only noticed that Void Lock stopped responding  to anything. Though obviously, only LCD users suffered from this issue. AMOLED users are all able to see the popups that appear so this was a non-existant issue to them.

I took a new approach to fixing this problem. The approach I’m taking now is for the screen to brighten up a bit to display the popup when it is received. At least this way, users can be sure that Void Lock isn’t not responding.


Pretty big update here, hoping to get a lot of new ICS users and more and more users.

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